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We produce and sell a wide range of products at Silver Birch (Scotland) Ltd. Our main products are our composts, bark and wide varieties of shrubs and plants.

You can learn more about our individual products below, and also find all individual products and prices listed on the products drop down menu.

Our main products

  • Mushroom Compost (Available in 40 litre bags or loose by Cubic Metre) – This product is excellent as a soil conditioner, as it can radically enhance plant growth. It can also be used to aid drainage of particularly wet soils, ensuring maximum nutrients are provided to plants. Mushroom compost supports plant growth in a variety of applications such as; herbaceous beds, shrubs, vegetables and landscaping. The compost is also a fantastic mulch and can be used around shrubs and herbaceous perennials to provide the plant with essential nutrients. Our mushroom compost is not suitable for use with acid loving plants such as; Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias and certain Heathers. The compost contains a mix of: wheat straw, chicken manure, gypsum, peat, sugar bed lime & mushroom residue.
  • Multi Purpose Compost (Available in 20 litre bags or loose by Cubic Metre) Silver Birch Multi Purpose Compost is a great general all round compost for use indoors or outdoors. This product is a versatile peat-based compost with added balanced nutrients to encourage growth for a broad range of plants. Suitable for a wide range of gardening activities. Multi-purpose compost is a growing media suitable for a wide range of gardening activities including seed sowing, potting and planting up containers. This product is 100% natural the peat is not sourced from protected areas. For additional benefits to plants, this product can also be mixed with our mushroom compost to boost the benefits and create a richer product. We are currently in the process of re-formulating the composition of our multi-purpose compost for our customers to ensure the end product is the best product possible. This may result in some changes to the colour and texture of the final product, but we are confident the new formulation will be a much improved product.
  • Ornamental Bark (Available in 40 litre bags or loose by Cubic Metre) Silver Birch Ornamental Bark is a naturally coloured decorative bark sourced from trees grown in renewable forests within Scotland. This product is a medium grade bark which is ideal for use as a mulch, for decorative purposes, in and around children’s play areas and also to grow vegetables. One 40 litre bag covers an area of 0.8 sq metres at a depth of around 5cm, however this may vary depending on individual conditions.

To order any of our products online, please send us a message using the form below.

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