Christmas Trees 2021

All orders places before 28th November will receive a 10% earlybird discount!

Silver Birch is well known for it’s fantastic range of real Christmas Trees and real Holly Wreaths. We expect a high demand for our trees and seasonal products this year so would recommend you reserve your tree early to avoid disappointment. We will also be stocking additional Christmas hand made Christmas tree decorations in very limited supply.

Call us on 0141 777 5050 or fill in the enquiry form below to send us a message.

Remember buying your tree from us helps to support adults with learning disabilities and others facing social exclusion as all money raised from our sales is re-invested back into our charity.


Christmas Tree Order Form
Tree Size Price    
Fraser Fir   4ft-5ft £34.00    
Fraser Fir   (5ft-6ft) £44.00    
Fraser Fir   (6ft-7ft) £54.00    
Fraser Fir   (7ft-8ft) £70.00    
Nordmann Fir   (5ft-6ft) £40.00    
Nordmann Fir   (6ft-7ft) £50.00    
Nordmann Fir   (7ft-8ft) £65.00    
Nordmann Fir (SO)   (8ft-10ft) £85.00    
Nordmann Fir (SO)   (10-11.5ft) £99.00    
Norway Spruce Potted   (4ft-5ft) £34.00    
Nordmann Fir potted SOLD OUT   (4ft-5ft) £40.00    
Blue Spruce potted   (3ft-4ft) £35.00    
Wreaths     £15.00    
Tree Stand     £19.50    

Call our Order Line on – 0141 777 5050 to reserve your tree or complete the order form below to order online.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Trees 2021

  1. I’ve never heard of you’re garden centre before. Glad I came across it on fb. You’re prices are very reasonable and as someone who’s worked for many years with people with disabilities, it’s lovely that you care so much.

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